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When considering the purchase of properties in Lagos, Nigeria, there are several common issues that potential buyers often encounter. These pain points can significantly impact the buying process and require careful attention. It is important to approach these issues with a professional mindset to ensure a smooth and successful property acquisition.

Here are some key factors to be considered when buying your next property;

1. Land Documentation and Ownership:

Establishing clear and legitimate land ownership can be a major challenge in Lagos. Issues such as multiple claims, incomplete documentation, or fraudulent practices can create uncertainties. Buyers must exercise due diligence by engaging professional legal services to conduct thorough title searches and verify the authenticity of land documents.

2. Property Valuation and Pricing:

Determining the fair value of a property can be difficult due to variations in market rates, lack of standardized pricing, and inadequate property valuation systems. Buyers should engage the services of certified real estate company like Megamound  to obtain accurate and reliable valuations, ensuring that they pay a fair price for the property.

3. Infrastructure and Development:

Lagos faces significant infrastructure challenges, including inadequate road networks, unreliable power supply, and limited access to clean water and sanitation facilities.

Prospective buyers must carefully assess the state of infrastructure in the area they intend to invest in to avoid potential inconveniences or additional costs associated with infrastructure upgrades or repairs.

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4. Encroachment and Land Disputes:

Land encroachment and disputes are prevalent in Lagos due to rapid urbanization and population growth. Unresolved boundary conflicts and overlapping claims can result in protracted legal battles, affecting the buyer’s ownership rights and potentially leading to financial losses.

Engaging a reputable surveyor to confirm the property boundaries and consulting with legal experts is crucial to mitigate these risks.

5. Building and Construction Standards:

The quality of construction in Lagos can vary significantly. It is essential for buyers to conduct thorough inspections of properties to identify any structural deficiencies or violations of building codes and regulations.

Engaging the services of professional architects or building inspectors can help ensure that the property meets the required standards.

6. Financing and Mortgage Accessibility:

Access to affordable financing options and mortgages can be a challenge in Lagos. Limited availability of long-term loans, high-interest rates, and stringent qualification criteria can hinder potential buyers from securing the necessary funds.

Buyers should thoroughly research and explore various financing alternatives, consulting with reputable financial institutions to find suitable options.

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7. Security and Safety:

Lagos, like many major cities, faces security concerns. Buyers should assess the safety of the neighborhood and inquire about crime rates and security measures. Factors such as proximity to police stations, gated communities, and private security services can influence the decision-making process.


Navigating these pain points requires meticulous research, professional guidance, and a proactive approach to due diligence. By being aware of these common issues and seeking expert advice, potential property buyers in Lagos can make informed decisions and minimize potential risks associated with property acquisition.


At Megamound Real Estate company, we understand that investing in real estate is more than just buying a property it’s about creating a legacy and realizing your dreams. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, extensive market knowledge, and personalized approach, we are your trusted partner in achieving real estate success.

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