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Extensive Experience

As recognized industry leaders, the Northwood Retail team has executed some of the country’s leading developments. Our experience ranges from developing and leasing large mixed-use projects and regional power centers to boutique properties and individual retailer portfolios.

Real Estate Manangement

We manage Real Estate projects to completion and also management of real estate properties, which include Leasing sale, maintenance and Improvement. We lease and sell Properties across an extensive range of estates. Aside from completing leasing and sale transactions, this role covers strategy, targeted marketing, monitoring of competition and market trends, and detailed reporting.

Real Estate Construction

As a full-service management company, our specialists leverage the value of our clients’ real estate assets. Our development professionals provide the full spectrum of financial, planning, construction and marketing services for a wide range of residential and commercial projects. The Company provides construction, renovation, planning and marketing services to a variety of diverse clients.

Building Construction

Megamound construction is involved in a wide variety of residential and hospitality building types ranging from Homes, to Hotels. Megamound Investment is a General Contractor that specializes in all aspects of Construction, Facilities Management and Maintenance, Building consultants, Project Managers, Interior Decoration, Finishes and Paintings, Plaster Of Paris (P.O.P) designs, Windows, Doors and Frame Cornishes and Installation/Stockist of all types of paintings and wall paper amongst others.

Hospitality Service

We are one of Nigeria’s leading short lets and hospitality service provider across Nigeria. We are into facility management and Real estate in terms of providing vacation apartment, short stay and long here in Lagos, Abeokuta and Ibadan.

Dredging And Underwater Services

We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to dredging needs, readily taking on even the most challenging tasks. We provide specialists to clients’ engineering , construction and maintenance teams, all while utilizing premium equipment that includes dredging machines, cutting edge diving equipment and industry standard, high-powered underwater construction equipment. That combination of unique expertise and state-of-the-art resources means we consistently finish prospects ahead of schedule and under budget. 



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