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A time comes in one’s life when you just want to change environment. Fortune may even smile at you and you want to relocate to a better place to have a princely living

Some efforts need to be applied before saying bye-bye to your old home. If you are not buying everything new, you need to prepare ahead the moving-out time. Even if you are going to your new apartment with everything readily available, you still need to get some things done before departure.


  1. CANCEL/TRANSFER MEMBERSHIPS: before you go, you want to see that you terminate your gym registration, other recreation centres and all.
  2. GATHER HEALTH RECORDS: Make sure you report to the clinic you registered to give you your health reports around 2 months before moving out.
  4. GET QUOTES FROM MOVING COMPANIES: Make call to the moving companies to get quotation ahead, so that you can have the idea of the cost and other things involved.
  5. SORT THROUGH YOUR STUFF: You want to start sorting your stuff by this time. Stuff you don’t use frequently should be sorted first.


  1. START GATHERING ALL MOVING SUPPLIES: Get bags to house similar items. You may need band, tape, etc to pack/gather small items together.
  2. PACK INFREQUENTLY USED ITEMS: You may start packing items you don’t get to use on a regular. You may not have to seal up the bag/box so you can know what is left or what you still need to take.
  3. UPDATE ADDRESS AND HAVE MAIL HELD: This is very important. You need to update your mailing address wherever you have your old address. You don’t want your mail to go to the wrong address.


  1. PLAN MEALS TO AVOID WASTE: Keep in mind you have few days left. Get the supplies you will need for these days.
  2. CONFIRM DATE AND TIME WITH MOVERS: Never forget to get in touch with the moving company so you are not disappointed.
  3. MEASURE LARGE FURNITURE: Make sure the furniture can fit the entrance. If the furniture can be disassembled, you can do it. If you have very heavy furniture, get in contact with someone that can give you hand on time.
  4. REFILL PRESCRIPTIONS: Get all prescriptions from the doc filled at this time because it may be very difficult to do during the rush hour.
  5. FINAL THOROUGH CLEANING: Do a deep cleaning for the last time. You may see some hiding items or some items you may have forgotten to pick.

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