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Lincoln Terrace 2

A well-presentable 3 bedroom terrace with an abundance of parking space well enough to have another apartment on. It has a guest toiler, a very great lounge and firm stair rails that lead to the sizeable rooms. Kitchen is spacious with fitted cabinets and a store room. Environment is serene and healthy for luxury living. Master bedroom has modern bathroom fittings. The terrace can be used as a relaxation spot as the cool air floats around the facade.




  • 3 Bed
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Car park

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Megamound Place
14, Muri Okunola Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos




081 8990 6622
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USA-(571) 342-2993

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081 8000 6143
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Quarters 860, Agodi GRA,
Next to Mary-HIlld Convent School
Beside Officers Mess road, Ibadan 

0803 373 6046


Mobile Enquiries

081 8000 6143
081 8990 6622

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