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Yes, everything has changed, but don’t expect to be shopping for your next home on Amazon anytime soon.

While online shopping has become a mainstay for consumers, Real Estate is one market that has avoided this technological takeover.  A realtor’s role can’t be boiled down to an App like Airbnb, or Uber. The difference with taking an Uber is that real estate transactions could be fraught with a number of issues.

Agents do far more than just showing houses and recommending properties, they can potentially identify any pitfalls.

Acting as an impartial advocate, realtors are trained to identify a lot of problems associate with real estate from why a well-built home isn’t selling to financing, inspections, contracts and property laws.

It might look like a cliche, but as homes are often the biggest purchase one will ever make, the potential for crippling problems is far too great to handle it all alone. The home that you’re buying becomes your dream house, it’s where you are going to raise your family.

Technology is not totally out of the picture, as a matter of fact, it is a valuable tool for home buyers and professionals, it puts a lot of information into the consumer’s hands but it can’t replace licenced agents outright.


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