Megacity challenges: Surveyors urge Lagos to sustain updating of mapping

To ensure that measures on combating the challenges associated with Lagos State as a megacity are sustained, the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS), Lagos Branch, has called on the state government to regularly update its mapping.

Speaking at a press briefing at the institution’s Alausa, Ikeja office last week, NIS Chairman, Mr Gbenga Alara, noted that while the group admitted that Mapping project of Lagos was a very ambitious and landmark initiative yet to be surpassed by any other state in Nigeria, it’s needful for government to sustain the initiative with regular update.

According to Alara, the full and total coverage of Lagos State with high resolution imagery, survey control monuments, continuous operating reference system (CORS) and enterprise geographic information system (EGIS), has placed her in the forefront of most mapped cities in Africa.

“However, this must be sustained with regular updates to ensure that the spatial content of the geospatial data is most current for effective use of development control, planning and engineering design,” he urged.

Commending Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s efforts on transformation of Lagos, especially, for the investment and support for the Office of State’s Surveyor-General, which was adjudged to be the best in Nigeria, NIS Chairman stated that the support needs not only to be sustained, but also to be on increase, “so that the investment made in the mapping exercise would be able to delivered on its expected dividends,” Alara said.

He also counselled that Lagos, being a city that focused on future as exemplified by the urban regional projects scattered all over the state, the provision of infrastructure and their maintenance become inevitable. “Therefore, to get this done, there is need to for not only the needed policy, but also to ensure that ‘As Built Surveys’ are carried out for all major infrastructure.

“This will impact positively on the maintenance of these public assets and also be a useful resource for safety and emergency management,” he solicited.

Alara also called for the involvement of private surveyors in planning and infrastructure development, stating that NIS Lagos Branch, has been over the years, worked closely with relevant government agencies to ensure that land transactions continue seamlessly “and hence‎, makes Lagos the destination of choice for investments.”

He also stated that contrary to some erroneous reports that revised guidelines for cadastral survey practice, the review of their activities is a regular exercise aiming at offering quality services to their clients.

Alara informed that the process for the regular review was with full consideration of the prevailing operational cost and public interest.

Speaking in the same vein, General Secretary, Association of Professional Bodies in Nigeria (APBN), Mr Olumide Adewusi, said surveying practice, just like other professions is dynamic and with new technology and equipments, coming up.

“So, it’s not out of question for surveyors to make increase adjustments if they really want to provide quality services for the people of Nigeria.”



Culled from The Nigerian Tribune

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