Lagos commences devt of Epe, Badagry engineered landfill sites

The waste management reform embarked upon by the Lagos State government, under the newly introduced “Cleaner Lagos Initiative,” has reached a higher level, as development of new and rehabilitation of old landfill sites located in Badagry and Epe Local government are in top gear.

Two landfill sites located at Epe were expected to be equipped with modern equipment so as to be in conformity with high engineering standard, but require proper rehabilitation, while the one Badagry’s own is a new venture.

Others that require upgrading include the loading stations located at Agege, Oshodi and Simpson, in Lagos Island.

At the monthly press briefing on the activities of his ministry last week, Commissioner for Environment in Lagos, Dr Babatunde Adejare, said the initiative made known to the public last year has commenced in full.

Adejare said the new initiative that would be a clear departure from old system of waste management is to engender the protection of the health, social living standard and the environment in general.

He said the new innovation is a harmonised and holistic approach to environmental challenges, thereby ensuring improved operational efficiency.

“For example, the Epe Landfill is of a modern site of first class engineering innovation, designed to meet modern day waste management, where what had hitherto characterised our operations will be eliminated,” he said, adding that the location of the site, which is more than five kilometres to the main township of Epe, made it more environmentally friendly.

Adejare also hinted that the implication of the reform is that residential waste collection and the supporting backbone will be concessioned to investors who will deploy modern equipment and machinery equipped with geographical information system (GIS) facilities.

He added; “Without a doubt, unemployed youths and the existing 4,500 street workers will be engaged and transformed to Community Sanitation Workers (CSW), thus, creating 27,500 new jobs to carry out manual sweeping in all the inner streets in the 377 Wards of the state.

“It’s noteworthy that the CSW will be uniformly kitted, insured, paid above minimum wage and equipped to tackle the challenges of their newly defined scope of works,” Adejare stated.



Culled from tribuneonlineng.com

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